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This 3X Butterfly Hand Magnifier is a New JP Product that is great for the outdoors. It can provide some extra excitement while exploring nature. Supplied complete with an over the neck cord and 34 m/m objective lens. Available in Translucent colors.

Acrylic Box with Magnifier Cover.
Tiny box has many uses. Insect or specimen viewer, mineral display or as storage container. Size approx. 1" x 1" x 3/4" with 4X Magnifier Cover. .


Acrylic Box with Magnifier Cover. This acrylic box size is approx 1 1/2" square. For uses as a specimen viewer, mineral display container or as a copy magnifier. 3X Magnifier Cover.

Acrylic Box with no Magnification.

Acrylic Boxes with or without magnification
Available in Translucent colors.


Clear acrylic top and black ABS bottom.
Similar to JP Mfg. product #501-3 but without magnifier top.


Black ABS Top and Clear Bottom.

Black ABS Top and Black ABS Bottom.
Fixed Focus Galilean 3X Power Binocular

This binocular is supplied complete with an over the neck cord and a 34 m/m objective lens. The binocular is available in four different colors: Black, Blue, Red, and White. This binocular will work well in many different applications.


Cardboard tube Galilean style telescope kit.
This kit can be supplied assembled or in pieces for young hands to construct
as a fun learning tool. The kit comes with two telescoping tubes, (1) positive lens, (1) negative lens, (2) end caps, and an instruction page. The telescope assembles in about five minutes and is ready to use.

Plastic and Durable Microscope. Available with 30x or 100x objective. Stage and objective removable for use on field trips. Can be used with available room light: Packaged in polyethylene bag.

Optical grade 4x magnifier. Thermoplastic. 1.00"
Diameter Lens. Stackable design increases magnification.

A 4 1/2X magnifier with a 1.00" Diameter Lens.

This single piece dual power 3X-6X hand magnifier
offers a lanyard hole in the handle and room to add
a logo or text to meet your requirements.

Coin and Stamp collectors delight. Molded of optical
grade acrylic. 3X magnification with a 1 3/8" Diameter

Rectangular lens with 3X magnification and a smaller
lens with 6X magnification.

3X Folding Magnifier.
Ideal for viewing stamps, coins,
and insects. Handy for industrial workers.

Single Lens Loupe which is a Coin and Stamp collectors delight. Molded of optical grade acrylic.
3X magnification with a 1 3/8" Diameter Lens.

A Double Lens Loupe using 5X lenses; the same as
above, but double the magnification.

Tri-Lens Loupe which features three 5X lenses.
Doubles or triples magnification when used in

Double Convex Lenses 22M/M dia. 55 M/M.

5X Folding Loupe.

5X-10X Folding Loupe.

3X Folding Loupe.

3X-6X Folding Loupe.


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