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We’ve eliminated the handle for special applications such as veterinary medicine. The design also allows the magnifier to fit nicely in a pocket. The 2 inch diameter lens is a very powerful 5X aspheric design and can be hard coated to eliminate scratching.

5X-10X Dual Power Eye Loupe.

5X-12X Dual Power Loupe.

5X Eye Loupe.
This Spring "Clipon" Eyeglass Loupe lens has a magnification of 5X.For many people who wear eyeglasses the "Clipon" eye loupe is a welcome means of using a jewlers loupe for viewing items such as jewelry, coins, postage stamps, printed circuits and any object where fine detail is extremely important.
This Spring "Clipon" Eyeglass Loupe is a duel lens system, that has a magnification of 10X when using both lenses, 5X when the front lens is removed. The spring "Clipon" allows you to directly attach the clip onto your own glasses and is hinged so that it can easily be flipped up when not in use.
An inexpensive alternative to reading glasses, these simple glasses can be used in a wide variety of applications from proof reading to inspection. They also come in four strengths from 1 to 3 diopter and can be hard coated to reduce scratching.


Cardboard tube Galilean style telescope kit.
This kit can be supplied assembled or in pieces for young hands to construct
as a fun learning tool. The kit comes with two telescoping tubes, (1) positive lens, (1) negative lens, (2) end caps, and an instruction page. The telescope assembles in about five minutes and is ready to use.

Plastic and Durable Microscope. Available with 30x or 100x objective. Stage and objective removable for use on field trips. Can be used with available room light: Packaged in polyethylene bag.

Fixed Focus Galilean 3X Power Binocular

This binocular is supplied complete with an over the neck cord and a 34 m/m objective lens. The binocular is available in four different colors: Black, Blue, Red, and White. This binocular will work well in many different applications.

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