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Optical Coating

Hard Coating
JP Mfg. can apply a hard scratch resistant coating to your lenses, windows, and mirrors. This coating is designed to protect against scratching but is also a good barrier to chemical exposure such as occurs during assembly line wash down in the food industry for example. This coating is most commonly applied in a dipping process but can be applied using a spin coat process as well. We most commonly apply coatings that use a heat curing process. For heat sensitive plastics we offer a coating that is cured using ultraviolet light avoiding the high temperatures of the heat curing. Upon your request we will gladly provide sample parts for your evaluation.
JPX is a combination Anti-Static, Anti Reflective coating, when applied to both surfaces of a transparent material, such as polycarbonate, it will reduce surface reflection by 6.1% and increase the overall optical transmission to 93% These measurements are in the range of maximum visual sensitivity of 550 nm. The Anti-Static properties of JPX are quite unique in that unlike most coatings, JPX coated materials can be washed repeatedly without harm to the product. JPX is extremely useful when applied to instrument windows, dials, light wedges, etc., which are sensitive to static charges. We'll be more then pleased to supply sample parts for your evaluation.


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